Artistic Freedom

There has been a series of advertisements from a company named toesox, that had been raising a few eyebrows, amongst other things.

The ad, which I first came across in Origin Magazine (Issue 12) features yoga instructor Kathryn Budig in various yoga asanas (poses), wearing nothing but a pair of toesox. She was photographed performing yoga nude, yes, buck ass naked.

When most humanoids think of yoga, they think of very loose fitting clothes, long sleeves, long pants. Or the new yoga where you’re in spandex, which would give the feeling and maybe the silhouette of being nude. But isn’t yoga about improving circulation and blood flow? Improving posture? Improving health from the inside out? Non-restriction? Release? Freedom?

Though within the past few years there has been a surge of Nude or Naked Yoga classes across the US (I’m certain other countries are way ahead, and have been doing this for generations). Where everyone strips down to their birthday suit and perform yoga.

At first I thought as all of you humanoids did. Being completely naked in a room full of other completely naked people? “OH MY!” (in my George Tekai voice). What if I get an erection? Will people look and stare? Will the women there feel uncomfortable?

Of course people are gonna look, stare, sneak a peak, and you may get a few smiles from the women there. Yoga increases blood flow, circulation. So erections are going to happen, since blood flows through the penis causing it erect, it’s nature. Just as women’s nipples get erect as well as their clitoris, and their yoni (vagina) may even moisten and bud open like a lotus flower with increased stimulus blood flow. It’s Nature.

Anyway, back to the ad. I see the ad as being very well conceived, very well photographed, very artistic. The body is and always has been a work of art, capable of many beautiful things. We are only limited in our imagination and our way of thinking.

I must commend toesox, photographer Jasper Johal, to yoga instructor kathryn Budig, for being who they are, unplugging from the matrix, evolving and elevating above the restriction of conformity. More power to you all for doing what you do, and not caring what others think. LIVE YOUR LIFE, and LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST.

~ by Aphrosoul Lukumi on May 3, 2013.

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