Aphrosoul, the name conjures up many references. Aphro, a reference to Africa, also a derivative of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love, sensuality, sexuality, and fertility. Soul, your inner most being, of the spirit. Together, Aphrosoul translates to, “In The Spirit of Beauty, Love, Sensuality.” Also it can be translated to, In The Spirit of Africa.” Since we as African Americans are not directly from Africa, we all are of African descent. So we can only walk in the spirit of Africa, walk deep that is.

Aphrosoul has been in the club scene since his mid teens, first as a lover of the music, then as a dancer, even working the door, a promoter, and now as a DJ. His musical background ranges from Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco, House, Afro Beat, Down-tempo, Dub, and beyond. Fueled by the influenced of Louie Vega (Masters At Work, Vega Records), Aphrosoul’s Thursday and Friday nights were spent learning and honing his skills on the turntables at Club 410 in Downtown Houston, Texas, under the mentorship of female DJ Rocky B.

Since then, Aphrosoul has held down residencies as well as countless guest spots in venues such as Club 410, Club Wax Club Hyperia, Swank Lounge, Club Tonic, Club Incognito of Houston, Texas, Apache Cafe, The Warehouse, The Armory, Club Karma (The Mark), Cenci of Atlanta, Georgia, Sapphire Lounge, Club Sin Sin, Bar 13, Sullivan Room of Manhattan, New York, and Frank’s Lounge, Bushbaby, and Bembe of Brooklyn, New York where he is currently based. Aphrosoul has played along side DJ Rocky B, DJ Sun, and DJ Chicken George of Houston. He has also played along side DJ Applejac, DJ Kemit, DJ Kai Alce, and DJ Ron Pullman of Atlanta, as well as NYC’s DJ Eman, DJ Lola (Dakini9), DeepJust AQuaBeaT, DJ Offbeat, DJ Butch SOS, DJ Andre Collins, DJ Jesse Mann. Aphrosoul also opened for various DJ’s, recording artists, and live bands such as DJ Sedrick (aka The District House Mother) of DC, Antoinette Roberson, Chance, Barbara Tucker, Donnie, The Punany Poets, Julie Dexter, Water Seed, DJ Tommy Bones, Rich Medina, DJ Spinna, Quentin Harris, Danny Krivit, Herb Martin, DJ Disciple, and The Legendary Tony Humphries.

Aphrosoul’s influences has evolved through the years, from Louie Vega, to Joe Clausell, to Osunlade. Also through his continuous evolution, Aphrosoul, an Artistic Indigenous Gypsy of Eclectic Soul Music, who is also a practitioner of the Yoruba Based Afro Cuban Religion Lukumi (a Yoruba word meaning “My Friend”) has created a conglomerate he calls, “Lukumi People Music.” Covering various areas of the music scene. DJ’ing, Music Gatherings, Events, Promoting, Music Composing, Production, Publishing, as well as a Music Label will fall under the conglomerate. Through The Energy of this Creation, this journey will transcend all genres of media on a spiritually deep level. It will be an evolution, not only as a DJ, not only as a composer, but also as a person. May it bring forth love, peace, and blessings on your journey…

Continue to evolve along your path, as you “Live In The Light.” ASHÉ.

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