The Elements of The Universe

This is something I came across via the Internet. I felt the need for something to be said, so please bear with me.

“Woman, your yoni is the chalice. Man, your phallus is the wand. What magick we create depends upon whom we allow to worship within our gates.”

I say this time and time again. We are sexual beings, we are spiritual beings, we are human beings. Beings of nature, beings of the universe. Just as music is life and life is music, sexuality is life and life is sexuality. Sexuality and Spirituality have been one in the same since before the beginning of time. Only western society is against such unity and freedom. Separating the two and teaching that it is shameful even evil to be who you truly are. There is nothing wrong with being sexual, as long as you are not hurting anyone nor yourself, you as well as those around you are of positive energy, you are safe and respectful of all, you are about spiritual elevation, and most important, your energy is conducive to one another, then all is good.

We’ve gotten away from the universe, we’ve gotten away from the elements, we’ve gotten away from the earth, we’ve gotten away from nature, we’ve gotten away from the environment, we’ve gotten away from the embodiment of what it all truly is.

*Words by Aphrosoul.

**Photo and Quote, both courtesy of the Internet.

~ by Aphrosoul Lukumi on April 8, 2013.

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