What Do You See?

It was 7 o’clock am, on an early spring and still somewhat cold Sunday morning, WHAT AM I DOING UP!

I am normally asleep at that time. I had to be up for a meeting in The City (Manhattan for those of you who don’t know what “The City” is). With hood over my head, sunglasses over my eyes, earbuds in my ears, I was listening to “E2-E4” by Manuel Göttsching (a great 7am song by the way), as I walked to the subway station which was just around the corner from my home.

Still wiping the sleep from my eyes (running on about two hours of sleep, maybe less than that), I was thinking about the fact that I was just out the night earlier. There was a dance party I had to go check out, to meet people and network. My first thought was to not go, knowing I had to wake up early the following morning. But this was something that had to be done, being that I was basically relaunching my business as a DJ and music producer. I figured I would just get there early and leave early so I may get enough sleep. Of course as with the law of nature, the elements of the universe, and the will of spirits, it did not happen as planned.

I met this beautiful Afro Spanish woman while at the party. She was well versed in the Yoruba based Afro Cuban religion of Lukumi (the religion or culture in which I practice). So we talked about the Orisha (spirits of nature) as well as music throughout the night, getting dance in here and there. By the way, her guardian Orisha is Shango, my guardian Orisha is Eleggua (Eshu-Elegba). We left the party about 2:30am, I walked her to her home, and continued on to my home. Between showering, and winding down, it was a little after 4am when I got to bed.

Fast-forwarding to the present moment. I walked downstairs into the station, swiped my Metrocard, and walked through the turnstile. Waiting for the subway train to arrive, I was deep in trance as the song (E2-E4) hypnotically played, building, progressing. I turned to find a metal post in front of me. Painted, I saw this shape on the post.

The shape, catching my attention, immediately took shape, I had to photograph it. What I saw was a person in a yoga pose.

At the moment I could not think of the name of the pose (I will look it up and give the name later). But that was what I immediately saw within the shape.

Subway arrived a few seconds after taking the photograph. I made my way onto the somewhat crowed train, in transit to my destination. What I saw in the shape was how it was interpreted to me. What do you see?

~ by Aphrosoul Lukumi on April 16, 2013.

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