Music Is Always In My Head, A Conversation With EMan


Wow, I’m glad I still have this in my notes. This was the second person I ever interviewed, the first being House Music Icon Barbara Tucker. I conducted this conversation around the 1st of January, 2010. This is the man who gave me my start when I arrived in NYC. When others in this so called music scene only talked about putting me on, never really intending to do so. Eman did what many just don’t do anymore. He believed, he had faith, he took a chance, not carry what anyone else thought, basically giving everyone “the finger” and giving me an opportunity to be heard. For that I thank you Eman, I am eternally grateful. Here is the conversation.

Eric “EMan” Clark has been in music for most of his life. Never  settled in where he is,  EMan continues to evolve not only musically but also spiritually. The following is a first of many conversations conducted by yours truly Aphrosoul aka The Aphro Monk with EMan about music and life in general, which in a since is much like music.

Aphrosoul: How did you get your start in the industry?

EMan: I wanted to get better dj  gigs.. production was the way to do so….

Aphrosoul: Who were your influences when you started?

EMan: Some of my influences were Kerri Chandler, Tony Humphries, David Morales

Aphrosoul: Who did you listen to while growing up?

EMan: WWRL, WLIB, WBLS, WABC Soul Channel 13

Aphrosoul: Do you remember the first time you played out?

EMan: Jr. High School Church Party… lol

Aphrosoul: How did it go?

EMan: No mixers, no pitch control on turntables… GREAT…

Aphrosoul: At what point in time did you begin to look beyond DJing into the production side of the industry?


Aphrosoul: What was your first production?

EMan: Day By Day, produced by yours truly, featuring Sweet Sable on Hipbone

Aphrosoul: What do you use for your productions?

EMan: I use Reason, Logic, and Pro Tools

Aphrosoul: Do you have a favorite song? Why? And does the song have any special meaning to you?

EMan: I am the road.. mostly written by Lorie Caval .. thought it was my best vocal offering.. and fit Markus Enochsons music perfectly….

Aphrosoul: Who are some of the people in the industry that you have worked with?

EMan: Louie Vega, Kenny Dope , Kerri Chandler, Francois K , Jon Cuttler, Doc Link, Todd Terry, De Markus Lewis, Lord G, Mr. V , Romain , Jellybean Benitez

Aphrosoul: Are there any people in the industry that you want to work with? Why?

EMan: A lot of people but to name one i’d say Jovonn because its long overdue….

Aphrosoul: Have your influences changed over the years? If so, who are they? And how have they influenced you?

EMan: Hell yes Ame, Dixon, Manoo, Griffin, Milton Jackson,  the sound of house is forever changing and these guys are at the the forefront…

Aphrosoul: How would you define your sound? Then, and Now?

EMan: Deep then…. Electronically Deep now….

Aphrosoul: What direction would you like to see the music to go?

EMan: I would like to see this music keep evolving and keep pushing the boundaries as far as they can go…

Aphrosoul: What does music mean to you?

EMan: Music is a Language , it is peoples 2nd language although they do not know it to be so…

Aphrosoul: How would you describe your energy?

EMan: Intense….

Aphrosoul: Do you have a favorite place to play or perform?

EMan: UK. and Russia

Aphrosoul: Everyone has that special place within themselves. What place are you in within yourself?

EMan: I hear music in every situation..When I close my eyes some kind of music is playing.. I find myself always trying to go to a more

tranquil place …

Aphrosoul: What more can we expect from you?

EMan: Lots of new music from Liberate… trips to new places…. And pushing the boundaries of this music as far as it can go……

Aphrosoul: What words of advice do you have for future DJ’s who are looking beyond into production?



Aphrosoul: I wish to give thanks for the opportunity of conversing with you. I wish you love, peace, blessings, an light.


~ by Aphrosoul Lukumi on April 9, 2013.

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