The Few Good People I Met Along The Way

In my many years as a DJ, I have met quite a few good people along the way. Some of the them have been a major influence on me as a DJ. While others have been a major influence in other areas, such as my spiritual path. Then there are those who were that voice of belief, chance, faith, reason, and strength. And finally there are those that, well, we just vibe well together. Here are just some, of the few good people I met along the way.

It was blessed to have met and hang out with the one who influenced me most into this whole DJ thing. Thank you Louie Vega.

Always good times hanging out with this beautiful blessed man. Thank you for being there and telling me never to give up on my dreams, no matter what. Thank you Kenny Bobien.

I had the honor of being the opening DJ for this club music legend. Thank you Tony Humphries.

To my big brother in “The Religion,” Maferefun (all Praises to) Orishas! From my Eleggua to your Aganyú, I give thanks to you Carlos Mena.

Beautiful and blessed to hang with these two legends. Thank you for giving me the honor of playing along side you André Collins. And to my other big brother in “The Religion” for being that light, that beacon, from my Eleggua to your Shango, Moforibalé! (I Salute you) Joe Clausell.

Always great to vibe with this brother. Thank you DJ Butch SOS.

Seeing this brother of deepness out and about not only creating beautiful energy on the dance-floor as a dancer, but also behind the turntables as a DJ, moved me to new levels of deepness. Thank you for the opportunity of playing along side you, we will be doing it again. Thank you for deepening my horizons DeepJust AQuaBeaT (DJ AQBT).

Ever since meeting this beautiful spirit in human form. He has been not only a current source of inspiration, but also a guide musically and spiritually. From my Eleggua to your Oshun, Modupé (I give thanks) to you, my big brother in music, and in “The Religion”, Osunlade.

This man did something that many just do not do anymore. This man believed, had faith, and took a chance. He gave me an opportunity to be heard as a DJ when everyone only said they would, but never really intended to. To the man who gave me my start when I arrived in NYC. I give thanks to you, and I am eternally grateful to you Eman.

To the one who stood up spoke on my behalf, when everyone else looked down on me. I learned so much being your opening DJ. Thank you DJ Sedrick aka The District House Mother of DC.

And finally to the one who saw something in me, took me under her wing. I learned the very foundation of being a DJ from this woman. She threw me into the lion’s den. By that I mean, I learned everything about DJ’ing in the club, yes on the job training. From the depths of my soul, I thank you so very much DJ Rocky B.

There are other Artists, and DJ’s who were influential in my continuous evolution, musically and spiritually. DJ Jesse Mann, the late great vocalist Josef Saddler, singer Robin S., Sheila Ford, DJ Karizma, and a few others. These are the few good people I met along the way.

~ by Aphrosoul Lukumi on April 8, 2013.

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