The Seven Chakras and Their Corresponding Orishas

Not only do the Orishas of the Yoruba based religions govern the various forces of nature, they also govern various body organs and functions. The Orishas also govern the energy centers of the body, also known as Chakras.

Below are a list of the Seven Chakras with their corresponding Orishas (Seven African Powers) and respective goals.

Taken from the book, “The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts” by Baba Ifa Karade, copyright 1994, Weiser Books.

1st (root) Muladhara Chakra (element earth): (Orisha) Shango

1. Relax tensions in order to reduce karma and worldly entanglement.
2. Refine sense organs so the confusion and pain do not follow the seeking of temporary satisfaction
3. Guard against polluting sensory organs though over-indulgence.
4. Begin to act wisely and with moderation
5. Seek liberation from lower realms.
6. Guard against violent behavior based on insecurity.
7. Be motivated towards self-improvement

2nd (genitals) Svadhishthana Chakra (element water): (Orisha) Yemoja (Yemaya)

1. Observe and study the effect of the moon upon the emotions
2. Monetary wealth should precede fulfillment of sensual desires and sexual life
3. Be free of base emotions such as anger, envy and greed
4. Remember that a negative mind brings disaster
5. Guard against over possessive
6. Regulate primal needs in order to maintain your health
7. Elevate the consciousness through fine arts and crafts

3rd (navel) Manipura Chakra (element fire): (Orisha) Oshun

1. Recognize that using anger to control others leads to failure
2. Reflect more on the consequences of actions
3. Guard against vanity and false pride
4. Motivation is stimulated by the need for recognition, immortality, and power
5. Seek to develop a positive ego and identity
6. Give and selfless service
7. Let love and compassion radiate within

4th (heart) Anahata Chakra (element air): (Orisha) Ogun

1. Develop a higher sense of awareness and sensitivity
2. Emphasize a sense of purity, innocence, and magnetism
3. Reflect upon inner sounds
4. Strive to become independent and self-emanating
5. Strive to attain wisdom and inner strength
6. Seek to control breathing and heart rate
7. Purity of relationships comes through the inner balancing of female and male energies

5th (throat) Vishuddha Chakra (element akasha (void or space)): (Orisha) Obatala

1. Purify your sound to affect listeners in a positive way
2. Awaken the dawning of awareness of eternal knowledge
3. Supreme reason must
overcome emotions of the heart
4. Use psychic energy and clairvoyance to communicate 1
WITHOUT W0RDS (try it)
5. Guard against negative thought and use your knowledge wisely
6. Become master of the entire self
7. Concentrate on the cooling mechanism (the throat)

6th (3rd Eye) Ajna Charka( combination of essence of all the elements in their purest form: (Orisha) Orunmila

1 Meditate on the 3rd eye to eradicate transgressions and impurities
2. You reveal the divine within, you reflect divinity within others
3. practice austerity to about cosmic oneness
4. Maintain proper balance through spiritual devotion
5. Become one-pointed. Become beyond the negative forces that pull one in many directions
6. You may interpret the inner meanings of cosmic laws, you may generate scriptures
7. You have the ability to induce visions of the past, present and future

7th (crown) Sahasrara Chakra (transcending all elemental influence): (Orisha) Ori:

1. Strive to reach the guru within. Through the consciousness one is able to attain oneness with the all
2. Strive to lose the illusion of the individual self. Realize that the cosmic principles that govern the entire universe are within you also
3. Strive to feel the divine and fully realize the divinity within.


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