What Do You See In The Sidewalk?

I had many things on my mind, and it was making me quite restless. I did what I normally do during those times, I went for a walk. Not wanting to venture too far from home, I went walking through Brooklyn. I walked from Bedford-Stuyvesant into the Clinton-Hills area. While walking with the night, as the moonlight lit my way, I discovered something very interesting on the sidewalk.

To most it looked like a spill, but there was something oddly interesting about the shape of it. I see a white bird, a white dove, wings spread, taking flight deep into the night. I stood there looking at it for a moment. The longer I look at it the more motion it appeared to take. I had to photographed it, appearing to be in flight, it was beautiful, peaceful.

I continued my walk with the night, my mind began to settle. I looked around for any other shapes that may appear along the sidewalk. As if seeking me out, with a message of love, peace, and blessings, the one I encountered was the only one.

What do you see in the sidewalk?

~ by Aphrosoul Lukumi on April 1, 2013.

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