Walking Across The Williamsburg Bridge Into Brooklyn

It was a late night, I didn’t have enough money on my MTA MetroCard to take the subway. Nor did I have enough money to put on the card, yeah, it was one of those nights (had quite a few of them as of late). So I did what most in my situation would do, I walked.

Yeah I know, walking alone, late at night, no bueno. There was no need to be concerned, nor to fear. I walk with the Ancestors, I walk with the Orisha (Angelic Spirits of Nature), and I walk with God almighty. They are all I have, and they are all I need with me.

As I was waking across the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn, I notice many different tags of graffiti on the beams as well as on the bridge itself. There was one tag in particular that caught and held my attention. It was simply written, nothing extravagant. Just as if it were written on paper.

It made me think of the deck of Tarot Cards I have and began reading with. I began using Tarot Cards (Thoth Tarot Deck) to tap deeper into the energy of my Ancestors, as well as the energy of my guardian Orisha, which is Eshu-Elegba, or Eleggua, as he is known in the Afro Cuban branch of “The Religion” in which I practice. He is the Guardian of The Crossroads, he opens and closes the paths. He is fate, he is destiny, he is choice, and he is my guardian Orisha. I had to stop and photograph it, feeling like it was speaking to me, and it spoke volumes. I came across a second as I continued walking, but the first one spoke the loudest.

I finally made it home over an hour later, what felt like forever. Staying on my feet long enough to shower, before collapsing into bed. I woke up the next day to look at the photos I took. Of course keeping the first one I took, as stated before. I never thought that something so simply written, can say so much.

~ by Aphrosoul Lukumi on March 31, 2013.

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