The ClubHead, The HouseHead, Which One Are You?

The follow is from a blog I had a few years back written and published on October 15, 2009. I just felt the need to post it again.

These are just some thoughts that come to me, as they usually do. This is by no means to speak badly about anyone, nor is it a ridicule, downplay, nor is it to put anyone on blast. Please take time to read, and I do hope you find it enjoyable as well as
entertaining. A few years ago I was conversing with an associate
about the party culture, sub culture, and so thereof. We came to the realization that there are two very distinct groups, no matter how deep within the culture or even sub culture you go. Although it never (at least to the best of my knowledge) used to be this way, but as with it is always with time there is change and evolution.

The first of these two groups is known in party culture as the
clubhead. The clubhead is a person whose life pretty much revolves around parties/ events/ nightclubs. One of their concerns, if not their main concern, is whether or not there are people there. It seems to be more important whether or not there are people, a lot of people, in attendance. This is because they thrive on the atmosphere of people as opposed to the music. Please do not get me wrong, the music has some importance to them, but again whether or
not the place is packed with people is more important. So that they can make their grand entrance letting all know that “The King” or “The Queen” of the night is in the building. Once they are in the building and let it be known that they are in the building, they position themselves as if stepping to the stage fully in character for their award winning performance. Most of the time the center of attention, they love being seen by the people as well as seeing the people, or those who are worthy of being seen. Remember, they are of royalty and we are just mere subjects. If there aren’t enough people there, then just as they make their grand entrance, they will exit all the same. Even if the music is on fire and the DJ is deep in the spirit of the music, the lack of a crowd to see and be seen in just does not make it worth the clubhead’s time. However if the music is just not quite there, maybe even horrific, if the place is packed especially with the pretentious beautiful people,
then the clubhead will be there in full effect feeling absolutely
fabulous. Now let us move on to the other end of the spectrum, the househead.

The househead is somewhat the opposite of the clubhead.
Whereas the clubhead is only somewhat concerned about the music but more so with the crowd of beautiful people, the househead cares more about the music. With the househead, house music is their life, their sanctuary, their refuge. There could be 2-3 people at the party; the DJ as well as the music had better be on point when the househead shows up to the party. The music doesn’t even have to be loud, just enough to hear the beat, and they are happy, maybe more happy because then they have room to move to the music freely
without constraint. A crowd is far from their minds as they move
rhythmically connecting with the DJ spiritually by way of the music. Telling a story through movement as the DJ tells their

So there you have it, the clubhead and the househead, two polar opposites. As I would see it, they are two halves of the same coin, or the yin and the yang. I do believe that to a certain degree the two groups play a pivotal role in the club/party scene. The clubhead provide the overall atmosphere where the househead give the energy and the vibe. When the two are worked in the right
combination it can be truly magical.

The ClubHead, The HouseHead,
Which One Are You?

~ by Aphrosoul Lukumi on March 18, 2013.

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