A Movie Shoot in BKNY

It was a cold Friday night, it had been snowing all day. I just left the neighborhood cafe, in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, NY. I had been working on online promotion for my monthly dance gathering that I had just started. I figured I would just walk home to help come down from doing some much needed catching up on music work. As I walked through the night, looking at the beautiful Brooklyn Brownstone architecture, I notice the block was closed off and a crowd gathering about a half a block ahead.

I continued walking towards the crowd to discover a motion picture being filmed in front of one of the brownstones. I stopped to ask a member of the film crew the title of the film. “A Walk Among The Tombstones” he told me, staring Liam Neeson. The scene they were filming was a taxi cab with Liam and another actor inside, pulling up to a home. The two actors exit the cab, which then pulls off, in which two walk toward the front entrance of the home. The yet unknown actor stops at the foot of the steps leading to the door dialoging with Liam’s character who is midway up the steps. The doors opens, in which another yet unknown actor greets Liam’s character before entering the home leaving the yet unknown actor outside as if standing guard. The scene which may had taken not even five minutes to film, was shot numerous times over and over again. Filming usually takes multiple shots in order to get the best shot.

I found it most interesting how everything was planned out, laid out, and played out to the most minute detail. I also found it a bit humorous how the crowd, excited to not only be on a film shoot also see an actor filming a scene. All you saw were phone camera out and filming either still frame pictures or video, as if shooting their own mini motion picture. I laughed quietly to myself, as members of the film crew franticly told the crowd not to use flashes while taking pictures or shooting video.

I would stayed longer, bit due to the fact that I had been out all day, it was cold, and I started to lose feeling in my feet, it was time to get into the warmth of home. I said my goodbyes to those I had talked to, and made my way home. I found the experience learning, exciting, and enjoyable…

Alafia (Peace)

~ by Aphrosoul on March 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “A Movie Shoot in BKNY”

  1. Hi,

    That sounds so awesome. I visited Brooklyn a few years ago with a local friend and it was such a cool place to walk around in the evening. Love the architecture and we walked around a school of art there and saw some pretty amazing pieces. I think I would like living there.

    I’m curious, though. Can you describe what the other actor looked like that was with Neeson?

    • My apologies, I was too far to make out who the other actor was. being that Liam Neeson is very tall and has very distinct features, he was easy to make out.

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